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The Millionaire Money Podcast

Toyin Crandell

The Millionaire Money Podcast with Toyin Crandell teaches business owners and career professionals how to think like a millionaire, make wealthy decisions, and take strategic action to create the millionaire bank account and lifestyle you deserve. We’re here to answer one question: “How can you build wealth, get rest and create a lasting legacy while doing work that enriches you... without skipping the lattes?" If you want to know the answer, subscribe to our podcast and we'll see you next Wednesday.

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Why is it that a few people accelerate consistently while others feel like they are constantly hitting walls and unable to get around them?

In today’s episode I share a practice I heard two of my mentors talk about over a decade ago that I have also incorporated. This ONE practice has accelerated my journey beyond words.

This is my New Year’s gift AND CHALLENGE to you. I share exactly what I do in my 7 day solitude prayer retreats, what to expect and how you can get a similar experience even if you don’t have the time to get away for 7 days alone.

Have you ever done a solitude retreat? What was your experience like? Leave a comment or review with your thoughts and share this episode with those you love!

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