Fox Across America w/ Jimmy Failla

Fox Across America w/ Jimmy Failla

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Jimmy Failla - former head writer and on-air contributor for "Kennedy" on the Fox Business Network - says Fox Across America is best described as "a celebration of our unique American privilege, and will function as an audio safe space where people of all political persuasions can disagree and still get along!" Today's political climate is sorely in need of talent with the unifying ability to allow both sides to debate the issues straight up. Be sure to join Jimmy and his special guests: Emily Compagno, Kennedy, Lara Trump, Lou Dobbs, Judge Andrew Napalitano, Harris Faulkner, John Rich, Jim Gaffigan, and many more.

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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Tyrus from "Gutfeld!" talks about why people are looking for a villain in the Dave Chappelle/Netflix controversy & Chris Bedford from The Federalist discusses why the Virginia race for Governor means so much for the midterm elections.  [00:00:00] Biden Tells The Train Story Again [00:14:03] Pelosi Blames The Media [00:18:22] Chappelle Has Some Demands [00:32:26] Safe Jokes On Netflix [00:36:40] Rights And Vaccinations [00:52:37] Obama Pushes "Fake Outrage" [00:55:03] Federalist Sr. Editor Chris Bedford [01:11:06] Social Media Trump Making A Comeback? [01:13:25] The School Boards Of Virginia [01:28:33] More TV For Jimmy [01:31:47] Tyrus Back In The Studio [01:47:18] Braves Vs Astros

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