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97% Effective

Michael Wenderoth

Learn more about Michael Wenderoth, Executive Coach: www.changwenderoth.com.  97% Effective is dedicated to helping great people get ahead at work and increase their impact – without selling their souls in the process. Season #1 focuses on Power and Influence, two widely acknowledged (but poorly understood) forces that can help you rise, lead more effectively and get big things done. Each week we have candid conversations with an academic, coach, or executive, helping you gain new insights to better navigate your work and career.

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Learn more about Michael Wenderoth, Executive Coach: www.changwenderoth.com


Have you ever been told “You just don’t show up like a leader”? Or have you ever felt or said that about someone else? In this short episode of 97% Effective, Michael Wenderoth shares three ways to powerfully elevate your presence and communication, drawing from his conversations with experts from the world of acting: past guests Chip Davis, Richard Newman and Tamzin Townsend. Their insights and tips will have you rethink acting, authenticity, and what brings energy. Spoiler alert: The key to increasing your presence is not about the content of what you say, it’s all about how you say it (mindset, body language and tone) – and what others take away. Apply these three tips and you’ll be well on your way to increasing your leadership and communication ratings, areas that are critical to getting promoted and increasing your impact.

  • Why your presence and communications matters so much at work.
  • Hard truth: How you say it is more important than the actual content.
  • Lessons from past guests, leaders from the world of acting and the dramatic arts.
  • Insight #1: from Chip Davis, Acting and Voice Coach: Embrace fear to avoid tension.
  • “Leaders need to perform competence.”
  • Insight #2 from Richard Newman, CEO of Body Talk: The power of body language (research findings).
  • “Think about congruency, not authenticity” when it comes to what your audience sees in your body language.
  • Insight #3 from Tamzin Townsend, Queen Midas of the Theater: The importance of tone to bring energy.
  • “Our voice can do SO much …a lot of energy is in the voice.”
  • The power of silence in a noisy world.
  • Bottom Line: Spend less time on your content, and more time on how you’ll deliver it.
  • 3 things to do when preparing your next communication.
  • Resources and Next Steps. 


Michael Wenderoth is an Executive Coach that helps executives re-examine their assumptions about power, politics, and authenticity to get promoted, become more effective at work, and break glass ceilings holding them back. Having served 20 years in senior roles with companies across the globe, and then 7 years as a professional coach, he has helped accelerated the careers of clients from diverse industries, backgrounds, and levels of seniority, helping them get ahead – without having to sell their souls in the process. Michael is the award-winning author of Get Promoted, host of the 97% Effective career acceleration podcast, and a frequent speaker and media contributor on career advancement, leadership and navigating power and politics. His work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Stanford Business School Executive Education and IE Business School, where he collaborates with renowned professors, coaches, executives and experts. Michael holds an MBA from Stanford and trained as an executive coach at Columbia University (3CP).


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