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Silicon Ranch Radio explores the American solar energy frontier. Listen in as we discover opportunities and challenges, with thought-leaders, industry and technology leaders, and our partners and community members.

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The solar energy industry is rapidly creating new jobs, new positions, and new opportunities for workers of all kinds, and at a rate never before seen. But with all that great power comes great responsibility, specifically to create valuable outcomes beyond clean, reliable energy generation. To help achieve those outcomes, Silicon Ranch teams up with regenerative ranchers across the country to deliver Regenerative Energy®, a design and land management platform that can be measured, verified, and reported. In this episode, host Jim Bausell sits down with Tyler Huber, an Agrivoltaic Technician at Silicon Ranch, and Bridget Hogan, our partner at White Oaks Pastures, to discuss their roles and farming practices that focus on regenerative land management, humane animal husbandry, and the support of rural communities while providing completely new job opportunities across the country.

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